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(Princeton, New Jersey) Mobility: It’s more than a technology buzzword, it’s the new business landscape. This is an always-on, reply-at-all-times economy, which means we’re taking the workplace with us. Everywhere. And when it comes to business portability, the just-released items in the Business Issue of Travel Goods Showcase are the solution for extending business productivity into the far corners of the globe – or on the everyday commute – helping people work more efficiently anytime, anyplace.

Story highlights from the upcoming issue include:

  • BUSINESS CASES – The new generation of business cases lets you take your office on the go, with buttoned-up briefcases, stylish rollerboards, casually fashionable totes and urban-look business backpacks that accommodate laptops, tablets, papers and other workplace essentials.
  • ACCESSORIES – Streamlined, modern design for on-the-go lifestyles, including ultraslim wallets, multi-pocketed jackets, electronics organizers, power boosters and portable speakers that help you stay productive in transit and arrive organized.
  • EMBRACING OMNICHANNEL – How omnichannel retailing is enabling brick-and-mortar retailers – big and small alike – to outshine online-only storefronts. Even Amazon.
  • BUILDING PROFIT WITH SKU CONTROL – Consumers and retailers have more product choices than ever. Smarter manufacturing, just-in-time delivery and consumer demand conspire to inflate product options and SKU numbers, but savvy retailers have learned how to protect profits and be selective with the SKUs they stock.

All items appearing in Travel Goods Showcase are brand new to these pages. Look for Travel Goods Showcase in your mailbox. Please contact Kate Ryan,, for info or help with questions regarding items and articles from this issue.

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