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Artphere USA

Artphere is Yuri’s private label brand, located in Toyooka, Japan. By revolutionizing bag design using modern 3D technology without forsaking ancient techniques of craftsmanship, Artphere is committed to ushering centuries of bag making into a new era. Dubbed “a bag for the future,” these bags are officially coming to America eight years after their conception. Artphere USA is bringing these modern bags to the masses, while maintaining the integrity of tradition and quality.

“We believe our products transcend time and have a beauty to move the soul,” says Chelsea Beauchamp. “Artphere is the premier bag collection for the individualist. With over 50 years of master craftsmanship, and deep sense of conviction for unique expression, Artphere has perfected the art of fusing beauty with function.”

Artphere USA includes a number of lines. The Dulles Collection is a modern twist on traditional gatemouth bags. Winner of the iF Design award, the patented frame-style design is especially unique. And the Doc Collection is a modern refresh on vintage doctor’s bags that are versatile and appropriate for any scenario.

For more information, visit or contact Chelsea Beauchamp at; 607-372-1909.