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tgamp-airpocketWe’ve all seen it – someone holding up the airline boarding process for everyone behind them, as they remove their in-flight items from their carry-on before stowing it in the overhead. Trish Smith did something about it. After watching a fellow passenger arrive at her seat and spend minutes taking things she wanted during the flight out of her purse, Smith realized it would have been a lot quicker for the passenger, and the people waiting to pass her in the aisle, if all those things were already contained in a compact sleeve that she could take out of her purse and slip straight into the seat-back pocket.

“The company launched The Airpocket on Kickstarter in March 2015 and was successfully funded in eight hours, going on to raise almost $50,000 in a month,” states Tanya Corcoran. “The Airpocket, our first product, is a slim, compact and protective carry-on that holds all of your travel essentials in one convenient bag that fits into the seat-back pocket.”

The Airpocket is made from neoprene, which cushions and protects valuables against knocks and scratches. Flexible internal pockets accommodate your items by molding themselves to the shape of whatever is placed inside. Airpocket can be carried inside a purse or tote, or slipped over the extended handle of a carry-on suitcase to move around the airport.

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