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Air Travel Box

airtravelboxAir Travel Box is a multipurpose box for use in shipping, traveling (short trips), storage and organizing, created by the cardboard experts at family-owned JSJ Inc. Corrugated. It has a securely fastened top handle for carrying ease and comfort, as well as a self-locking tab to secure its contents instead of using a traditional tape or rope all around the box.

The company website describes the Air Travel Box as a high-performance box, made of top-quality corrugated cardboard to be an affordable, reliable and practical travel solution.

The Air Travel Box measures 21”x14”x20” and is structurally designed to make it lightweight, but also durable enough to provide adequate strength to support contents. The company also does custom RSC (regular slotted container) and die-cuts, as well as 1- or 2-color custom-printed cardboard boxes.

For more information, visit or contact Joseph Alba at 909-987-4746;