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An AAACK!™ Pack is the personalized, customizable, life’s-little-emergencies preparedness kit made to go anywhere. The packs’ contents are selected by an expert advisory board of medical professionals and travel experts, and configurable with just the right quantities for quick overnighters or semester-long adventures. They’re stocked with the over-the-counter medications, toiletries, and other sundries unique to your travel adventure, whether you’re hiking in the mountains, going to a destination bachelorette party, or attending a favorite music fest.

AAACK! Pack’s genesis sprang from illness during an otherwise wonderful trip to the Dominican Republic. “The fever and lethargy were debilitating,” states Allen Whitley. “Luckily, a friend well-versed in the region’s myriad ailments whipped out a kit tailor-made for our trip, and dosed me up with the right meds. The next morning not only was I feeling much better, I was inspired!”

AAACK! Packs are compact – eight inches in diameter and a few inches to about one foot tall, depending on configuration – and able to hold just the right amount of product no matter how short or long a trip. Everything from the pack to the products are TSA accepted, and travelers can choose from pre-built packs or create ones of their very own.

For more information, visit or contact Allen Whitley,; 512-965-3089.