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We Want to Hear from You: Send Us Your Backpacks!


Travel Goods Magazine is taking a deep dive into backpacks – from fashion handbags to pint-sized packs to backpacks for every variety of sport imaginable – and we want to hear from you. Share product details, images, and stories – and you may find yourself featured on our digital magazine pages!

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Myanmar’s Neighbors Press for Suu Kyi’s Release, Restoration of Democracy


Myanmar’s neighbors pressed its ruling military on Tuesday to release ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi and cease what Singapore called the disastrous use of lethal force against opponents of their Feb. 1 coup and work out a solution to the crisis. The calls from fellow members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) came as Myanmar police again opened fire to disperse crowds after weeks of demonstrations against military rule. READ MORE

Biden’s Team Says It Will Use ‘All Available Tools’ to Fight China’s Unfair Trade Practices


President Biden’s team will use “all available tools” to fight China’s unfair trade practices, according to a report outlining the new U.S. administration’s trade agenda. The document released earlier this week did not specify the tools that the administration will use, but it formalized statements made by Biden and members of his team in the last few months on how they will handle China and other trade priorities. READ MORE

Trade Won’t Be on ‘Back Burner’ for Biden, USTR Pick Tai Tells Senate


U.S. Trade Representative nominee Katherine Tai pushed back on concerns the Biden White House will “stand still” on trade policy during her confirmation hearing Thursday, telling senators she does not expect to be sidelined in policymaking. Senators from both parties pressed Tai on the Biden administration’s pledge to not negotiate any major new trade deals until it secures domestic economic stimulus from Congress. “You must make the President understand that trade is a domestic priority,” Ranking Member Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) told the nominee. READ MORE

U.S. Retailers See Millions in Sales Delays Amid Shipping Logjam


Overwhelmed U.S. ports, elevated freight costs and accidents that sent goods plunging to the bottom of the ocean are causing headaches for U.S. retailers already reeling from the pandemic. Corporations of all sizes are reporting logistics struggles, especially on trans-Pacific trade routes. Although they haven’t yet translated into widespread sticker shock for consumers, the ongoing shipping issues threaten to disrupt inventories of appliances, shoes, fitness equipment and more if they persist much longer. READ MORE

2021 Could See Record Retail Sales Growth but Economy Still Hinges on Coronavirus


A wide array of economic indicators points toward potentially record retail sales growth during 2021, but the coronavirus pandemic remains the biggest challenge for the year, National Retail Federation Chief Economist Jack Kleinhenz said yesterday. READ MORE

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These Are the Retail Trends in Ecommerce for This Year


The social distancing and closure of physical stores as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused electronic commerce and virtual communication channels to grow exponentially in the last year. Retailers made or are making major changes that lead them to use new technical solutions, which help them manage the transition or application of a model that harmonizes physical stores with virtual stores. READ MORE

Pinterest Announces New Marketing Tools, Including ‘Pinterest Premiere’ Video Ads


As part of its first-ever ‘Pinterest Presents’ marketing and advertising summit, Pinterest has announced several new ad tools to provide more insight into campaign performance, and enhanced opportunity to reach the right audience. READ MORE

Your Leadership Style Needs a User Manual – Here’s How You Do It


A few years ago, I read an article that advocated for managers to create their own user manual to share with their new team or co-workers. It struck me as a great idea given how much time we spend trying to figure each other out when we work together for the first time. The manual would provide a more explicit description of your character, personal values, and how you like to work with other people. The idea would be for you to share it when you start working with new team members to help shorten the learning curve of having to decipher ‘you.’ READ MORE

The Tokyo Olympics Reportedly Won’t Allow Fans from Abroad


The Tokyo Olympics may be played to near-empty stands with fans from abroad banned from attending, according to a report. “In the current situation it is impossible to bring in foreign spectators,” a government official said. The Associated Press reported the news on Wednesday, citing a Japanese newspaper. The decision to exclude foreign fans from the previously-postponed games – which remain set to kick off July 23 in Tokyo – could cost upwards of $800 million in lost ticket sales, according to The AP. READ MORE

What Kind of Plane Am I Flying on?


After engine debris from a Boeing 777-200 rained down on a Denver suburb, some fliers may want to know more about plane safety and maintenance. Here are some answers. READ MORE

What Will We Want When We Can Travel Again?


Two new TV travelogues find themselves butting up against a reality they hadn’t anticipated. Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy, a six-part series on CNN hosted by the actor and cookbook author, presents itself as escapism, even as it half-acknowledges the reality of the pandemic – its first episode, set mainly in Naples, was filmed after the first Italian lockdown ended last year. Men in Kilts, a half-hour series on Starz, follows two actors from the show Outlander as they traverse Scotland in a camper van. Although it was filmed almost entirely pre-pandemic, its concept seems to have anticipated a particular truth about this moment. READ MORE


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