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The new issue of Travel Goods Showcase, the industry’s premier news source, hits inboxes – not mailboxes – in June. That’s right, Showcase just stepped up to an all-digital format, so you’ll reap the benefits of electronic presentation and lightspeed digital delivery. That means more timeliness and the ability to provide more in-depth coverage when warranted, without the constraints of page dimensions and printing schedules. Get the full scoop on the all-digital Showcase here, and discover the new advertising possibilities it presents here.

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Travel Goods Showcase is looking for industry news to share in its upcoming issue, especially regarding evolving best practices and product pivots, plus local press coverage and humanitarian work your company might be undertaking. Please send your info, photos and press releases to by Friday, May 29 for editorial consideration. More details can be found here.

Travel Sentry

U.S. Mulls Paying Companies, Tax Breaks to Pull Supply Chains from China


U.S. lawmakers and officials are crafting proposals to push American companies to move operations or key suppliers out of China that include tax breaks, new rules, and carefully structured subsidies. President Trump has long pledged to bring manufacturing back from overseas, but the recent spread of the coronavirus and related concerns about U.S. medical and food supply chains dependency on China are “turbocharging” new enthusiasm for the idea in the White House. READ MORE

U.S. Retail Sales Plunged a Record 16% in April As Virus Hit


U.S. retail sales tumbled by a record 16.4% from March to April as business shutdowns caused by the coronavirus kept shoppers away, threatened the viability of stores across the country and further weighed down a sinking economy. READ MORE

Here’s What China’s Coronavirus Shutdown Did to Global Supply Chains


China’s coronavirus lockdown earlier this year to combat the epidemic saw the country take a hit when it comes to its market share of U.S. imports, likely strengthening a trend that will see manufacturers bring some activities home, or at least move to ensure their supply chains are less dependent on a single country, according to a New York Federal Reserve economist. READ MORE

Olivet International TRIPS

The Future of Travel: An Optimist’s View


How does one find the light at the end of the tunnel when many political leaders, scientists and some travel company CEOs speak as if travel will never come back? These pessimists base their predictions on the combination of fear and further contagion. Some even believe the soaring use of Zoom is contributing to a lack of desire among people to get off their couches and move around the world again. I emphatically and respectfully disagree. Here is why. READ MORE

Onboarding a New Leader – Remotely


It’s quite possible to onboard new leaders effectively into a remote-working environment. The biggest barrier is probably mindset. We are all being tested to adapt to new ways of working, and it’s no different with virtual onboarding. Here are some principles to guide you. READ MORE

Retail Has a Ticking Debt Bomb Set to Explode


Perry Mandarino has been working in business restructuring and turnarounds since 1987, including in retail. He’s seen waves of changes in that industry, including the rise of big-box stores such as Home Depot and Best Buy and those same stores swallowing their smaller rivals. But what’s happening now to retail due to the novel coronavirus pandemic is something else entirely. “You have retail Darwinism, retail survival of the fittest as the bigger get bigger and the smaller disappear,” said Mandarino. READ MORE

Weighing Whether to Travel This Summer During the Coronavirus Pandemic? What to Consider


As states reopen and travel restrictions ease, you’re probably wondering whether it’s safe for you and your family to travel this summer. The short answer? Travel still isn’t recommended, at least according to federal guidelines. But as some states are pulling back stay-at-home orders put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, travelers must grapple with the choice to venture out. Suddenly, that beach trip you planned or that hotel you booked might be enticing for you to escape your home. READ MORE

Four Social Media Trends for Connecting with Customers During Coronavirus


Let’s face it: Staying engaged has never been more important. As scientists race to invent new vaccines and treatments, the old way you normally conducted your business is a thing of the past. So, while we’re still in uncharted territory, it’s smart for business owners to stay connected with customers as frequently and openly as possible. We’ve rounded up four timely social media marketing tips that have helped women entrepreneurs thrive amid unprecedented circumstances. READ MORE

Travel in the ‘New Normal’: When Coronavirus Restrictions Loosen, What Will Travel Be Like?


What will travel be like once coronavirus-related restrictions put in place since March finally ease? With the traditional start of the summer travel season – Memorial Day weekend – approaching quickly, WTOP spoke with CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg about what will likely be changing for airlines and airports, hotels and cruise lines. READ MORE

How Travel Bubbles Could Define Where We Go in 2020


Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Croatia. Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Greece, Cyprus, and Israel. Soon, travelers in each of these trios may be able to travel freely within their partner countries – salvaging some part of the summer travel season for Europe and the Mediterranean’s less-affected countries. The partnerships, called “travel bubbles” and “corona corridors” by some, are popping up across the continent as coronavirus restrictions lift and locals look to leave not just their homes, but their countries all together for a much-needed change of scenery. READ MORE


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