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2021 Is the Year of the Good Stuff


2021 Is the Year of the Good StuffWhen it comes to member benefits, that is. Have you renewed your 2021 TGA membership? Are you aware of the brand-new exclusive benefits TGA has to offer? Here are just a few.

  • The Travel Goods HUB is a year-round, one-stop online directory of travel goods products. Updated on a quarterly basis, the HUB features the freshest travel gear – before it even hits the market – on unique profile pages with clickable content, seamlessly transforming browsers into buyers. Get connected to everyone you need to know, all in one place. Learn more and reserve your page here.
  • Packed in a Minute is an opportunity for manufacturer members to introduce products directly to the industry in short videos with their best “elevator pitch!” This new free TGA member benefit will allow buyers to peruse new products quickly and gather high-level product overviews. These videos will live on the Travel Goods Showcase website.

If you haven’t yet renewed your membership – or joined TGA for the first time! – contact Membership Director Cathy Trecartin for assistance.

TGA Urges Congress to Address Industry Priorities in Next Stimulus Package


On Feb. 1, TGA joined the Accessories Council, the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) to urge Congress to include industry priorities in the next stimulus package. Recommendations include a short-term federal backstop to support trade credit insurance; limited legal liability protection to safeguard businesses from unfair lawsuits; return to work incentives; Healthy Workplaces Tax Credit to support those businesses that have retrofitted facilities and purchased personal protective equipment to protect employees and customers; and duty drawback for charitable donations.

Myanmar Coup to Dampen U.S. Trade, Impact Footwear Companies, Experts Warn


The coup in Myanmar is expected to dampen the interest of U.S. and Western companies in investing in Myanmar, and may prompt some big U.S. companies to pull out, trade experts and analysts said early this week. READ MORE

Biden to Focus on Trade Enforcement After Years of Trump Tariffs


President Joe Biden’s administration is setting up its trade policy to prioritize enforcement of existing commitments by the U.S.’s partners over negotiating more deals to open new export markets. READ MORE

Trump’s Trade War on China Was a Failure in Every Possible Way


The Biden administration plans to review the phase one U.S.-China trade deal, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said last week. Based on publicly available data, it’s hard to imagine they’ll find anything other than a debacle. READ MORE

Half of Americans Say Travel Affects Their Decision to Get Vaccinated


For restless Americans who have primarily stayed home since the onset of the pandemic, coronavirus vaccines are in hot demand – particularly for travelers. Like face masks and hand sanitizer, these new vaccines promise to make the world safer for everyone and are also key to restarting travel. READ MORE

6 Leadership Best Practices to Empower Your Workforce


Leadership is an active, continual process. While certain people may be innately better at empowering and motivating others, leadership is a skill that can be developed – and one that needs thoughtful practice. READ MORE

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As Vaccines May Soon Make Travel (and Travel Retail) Widely Possible, What Are the Key Issues at Play?


The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the global tourism industry to an enormous extent in 2020. With vaccines starting to be rolled out, experts say that “there is hope that international travel can resume soon, but exactly when – and how – is the trillion-dollar question.” This is a question that is particularly relevant for fashion and luxury entities, as prior to the onset of COVID, many brands were looking to further embrace travel retail. READ MORE

Alaska Airlines is Giving Away 100 Flights to Reunite Couples Separated by the Pandemic


As many people start plotting their return to normalcy, Alaskan Airlines wants to be there to help reunite couples separated due to the pandemic. The airline announced this week that it is giving away 100 free flights to reunite couples who have been apart during the pandemic through its new Booking for Love sweepstakes. READ MORE

Some Apparel Retailers Won the Holidays by Keeping Inventory Lean. Now Comes the Hard Part


In coming weeks, investors will be looking closely at retailers’ inventory levels, which could impact sales and earnings forecasts. Some companies, like Levi Strauss and Urban Outfitters, said they ordered less inventory ahead of the 2020 holidays and might have left some sales on the table because of that. Retail experts say companies that aren’t smart could boomerang into bad old habits of overbuying and having to discount merchandise, which weighs on profits. READ MORE

Incredible Travel Photographer of the Year 2020 Pictures Revealed


While the prospect of travel was mostly out of reach for the majority of us in 2020, entries to the Travel Photographer of the Year have provided great inspiration for future dreams and voyages. Almost 25,000 entries were submitted to the annual competition from photographers in 147 countries. For the first time, a Russian has claimed the top spot, with Vladimir Alekseev scooping the prestigious overall title Travel Photographer of the Year 2020. READ MORE

Crisis-Proof Your Social Media Marketing Plan


It’s tough to be a social media manager these days. Plenty of people are cooped up at home just looking for online fights to keep them entertained. And everyone is dealing with stress from pandemics, lockdowns, political unrest, and more. Some companies are responding by pulling all of their social media campaigns. While it’s understandable, companies that pull out now could lose critical momentum. Restarting won’t be easy. There is a better way, although it will take a bit of planning. READ MORE


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