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State of the U.S. Travel Goods Market


There’s some good news in TGA’s newly compiled 2019 sales figures for the travel goods segment, with total sales up 4.0% over 2018. Backpacks lead the way, with handbags and personal leather goods helping lift the numbers for overall growth in spite of the ongoing challenge of China tariffs. Get the full scoop in the article, State of the U.S. Travel Goods Market, in the pages of the all-digital Travel Goods Showcase.

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The U.S.-China Trade War Quietly Escalates


Lost amid headlines about the coronavirus pandemic and the seemingly unstoppable stock market rally has been the months-long escalation of tensions in the U.S.-China trade war – and it’s likely here to stay. The tariffs continue to impress a sizable tax on U.S. companies and consumers, adding additional costs and red tape for small businesses, farmers, manufacturers and households trying to stay afloat amid the pandemic. READ MORE

U.S. Imposes Sanctions on 11 Chinese Companies Over Human Rights


The move, which affects suppliers to major international brands such as Apple, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, could force companies to sever some ties to China. READ MORE

U.S. Airlines Face End of Business Travel as They Knew It


U.S. airlines hammered by the catastrophic loss of passengers during the pandemic are confronting a once-unthinkable scenario: that this crisis will obliterate much of the corporate flying they’ve relied on for decades to prop up profits. READ MORE

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Target, Walmart, CVS Partner to Reimagine the Retail Plastic Bag


Target has teamed up with Walmart, CVS and other retailers to reinvent the standard retail plastic bag. Earlier this week, Target Corp. announced it joined the Beyond the Bag Initiative that aims to identify, test and implement viable alternatives to the traditional plastic retail bag. READ MORE

How Social Values Are Impacting Consumer Behavior


As the pandemic continues, the economy slows and a national reckoning around racial injustice comes to the forefront, more and more companies are publicly taking a stand on social issues. But how do consumers feel about companies that speak out about their values? Do shoppers really care what a retailer stands for? According to Rachel Bonsignore, a senior consultant at GfK Consumer Life, they most certainly do. READ MORE

Painting an Airplane: Why Every Layer Counts


The emergence of a dynamic and competitive private airline sector opened the floodgates of creativity when it comes to aircraft liveries: from the bright, eye-catching colors favored by low-cost carriers to the intricate one-off designs with which some airlines choose to delight aviation enthusiasts every now and then. READ MORE

Podcast: Travel Loyalty is Changing Because Consumers Are Changing First


Loyalty experts are scratching their heads to try and figure out what a points-driven world looks like when nobody can spend those points. Listen in for a few innovative ideas that could help lead the way. READ MORE

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Epidemiologist Says Time Isn’t Right for Travel’s Restart


As destinations, particularly in the Caribbean, begin to reopen to tourism, some are requiring travelers to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test. It’s proving to be a hassle that deters travel. And that’s just as well, according to epidemiologist Debra Furr-Holden, associate dean for public health integration at Michigan State University. She said that because coronavirus is not under control in the U.S., the country isn’t ready to resume travel. READ MORE

5 Tips for Managing an Underperformer – Remotely


While a majority of employers believe that that their employees will return to their workplaces after COVID-19’s impact diminishes, working from home isn’t going to disappear. The reality is that a huge number of people were already working from home (almost 10 million workers in the U.S. in 2019); that number is only likely to rise post-pandemic. As the manager of a remote team, you can’t afford to ignore underperformance from remote workers, whether they’re temporarily at home, working in local branch offices, or half a world away. READ MORE

Persona Marketing Finds Its Place in Pandemic Retailing


With more companies trying to catch up to Digital 3.0, the issue of audience identification becomes critical. Pre-pandemic versions of traditional customer segmentation have been set back by changes in the fortunes and preferences of the general population. A better way to go might be the more recent digital marketing development: personas. READ MORE

Extending Cruise Ban, the CDC Slams Industry for Spreading Coronavirus


In a scathing order extending the current “no sail” order on U.S. cruise lines, the CDC said it spent 38,000 hours managing the outbreaks on ships. The agency said there were 99 outbreaks aboard 123 cruise ships in U.S. waters alone, the agency said in the statement. From March 1 until July 10, 80% of the ships in the CDC’s jurisdiction were affected by the coronavirus. The agency said there had been nearly 3,000 suspected and confirmed cases and 34 deaths on ships in U.S. waters. As of July 3, nine ships still had ongoing or resolving outbreaks. READ MORE

Train Station Employee Stops Bike Thief – Then Stays 4 Hours After Work to Wait for the Owner


“I heard the sound of a lock being snapped and I didn’t think twice. I said ‘You’re not taking that’. I couldn’t let that happen,” Abdul El-Gayar, 31, told PA News. “Voices were raised a little – I said ‘It’s not your bike’. The guy eventually gave up and walked off. I put the bike into safe storage because the lock had been broken.” Even though El-Gayar’s workday had ended, he then chose to wait until the bicycle’s owner came back – and it took four hours. READ MORE

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