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Nearly 700 Million Summer Travelers


Travel might be down overall, but it’s still 2018 where road trips are concerned. The American Automobile Association forecasts 683 million people will venture forth on the nation’s highways, accounting for 97% of all summer travel for July through September. That’s less than a percentage point below 2018’s figure, and down just 3.3% from last year, which makes road trips the obvious push for travel products this year, given the 74% falloff in air travel and 86% reduction in travel by bus, rail and cruise ship. Call attention to your road trip items in Travel Goods Showcase, the industry’s most widely read publication – contact Cathy Trecartin,, 877-842-1938, x-702.

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The Fall Issue of Travel Goods Showcase is coming together, and we’re seeking company news to disseminate to the rest of the industry. If you have news items, personnel changes, new product launches or other happenings to announce to the travel goods industry and the media, please share it with us! Spread the word by emailing your press releases to Kim Wong, – we’ll do the rest.

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The U.S. and China Delayed a Review of Their Phase One Trade Deal so Beijing Has Time to ‘Buy More Goodies’ from America


The U.S. and China have postponed a review of their Phase One trade deal that was initially set for Saturday, Reuters reported. Sources familiar with the plans told the news agency that the meeting was postponed due to scheduling conflicts and the need to allow China more time to buy U.S. exports in line with the trade agreement. READ MORE

Consumers Plan to Spend a Record Amount on Back to School in 2020


Consumers tentatively plan to spend a record amount to prepare students for school and college this year as they buy more laptops and computer accessories in anticipation that at least some classes will take place online because of the coronavirus pandemic, according to the annual survey released this week by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics. READ MORE

Crypto Travel Company Adds VeChain Token as a Payment Method

COIN TELEGRAPH has announced that they will incorporate VeChain’s VET token as a payment option for travelers on their crypto-friendly booking platform. Users can now use the token to book homes and hotels around the world. READ MORE

Ricardo Beverly HIlls

This Simple Digital Solution Could Streamline Global Travel and Boost Trade During COVID – Here’s How


COVID restrictions have brought both global economies and the travel industry to a standstill. A new initiative called CommonPass could help jumpstart economic recoveries by helping people safely travel between countries, all while protecting their private data and containing the virus. READ MORE

On National Aviation Day, Let’s Appreciate All Travel


But on this National Aviation Day, we must remember that the travel industry is resilient. Always has been. Always will be. It has survived world wars, economic hardships and the September 11 attacks, and it now battles a deadly global virus. READ MORE

Reflecting on Social Media Spend: When to Shake Up the Marketing Mix


Consumers are setting new standards for employers, brands and public figures and are closely watching who adheres to these expectations. Simply sharing a statement is not enough. Instead, brands must promote change by putting their money where their mouth is. READ MORE

Why Are Companies Battling to Snatch Up Bankrupt Retailers? They Want Your Data


Retailers have been hammered by the coronavirus, forcing hundreds of iconic brands to close up shop and sell their company for parts to pay off debts. In the age of e-commerce, a brick-and-mortar company’s hard-won and fiercely protected client list has suddenly gained enormous value. Where bankruptcies loom, a crop of firms hoping to win a retailer’s customer data is willing to pay sky-high prices to buy that brand’s relationship with its former customers. READ MORE

Travel Goods Showcase

Airport COVID Testing Hubs and New Travel Corridors Are Part of a Plan to Revive U.S.-Europe Air Travel


Germany’s main aviation industry group has proposed the creation of limited air-travel corridors between major U.S. and European hubs, in a bid to crack open the nearly shuttered market for trans-Atlantic flights. READ MORE

Joint Ventures and Partnerships in a Downturn


Companies will need every tool they’ve got to survive the downturn and rev up their businesses as the economy rights itself. They’ll have to rewire operations, reallocate resources, and in some cases reinvent business models. READ MORE

‘Chocolate Snowflakes’ Fell from the Sky in Swiss Village After Malfunction at Lindt Factory


Rain and snow can certainly put a damper on your day – unless they’re made out of chocolate. Residents of the town of Olten, Switzerland, located between Zurich and Basel, found their town lightly dusted in a fine cocoa powder that came from a nearby Lindt & Spruengli factory last week, according to the Associated Press. READ MORE

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