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45,000 Potential New Buyers


The 2021 Travel Goods Show is scheduled to take place Feb. 28–March 2, co-locating with ASD Market Week in Las Vegas, whose 45,000 retailer attendees will have access to our show. Exhibitor applications are available online at, with special early bird exhibitor discounts applied through October 1, 2020. TGA is also exploring virtual Show alternatives should large gatherings be prohibited during that timeframe, in which case Show fees will be refundable. Book now, secure good placement on the exhibit floor – for details contact Cathy Trecartin,, 877-842-1938, x-702.

COVID-19 Products to Help You


TGA’s members continue to bring their expertise to bear on the COVID-19 situation, with new products to help consumers with personal safety when they leave the house – and help retailers create a safe shopping environment for customers and employees alike. Keep up with the latest personal protection items at TGA’s COVID-19 Products Page, and contact Cathy Trecartin to add your items to the list:, 877-842-1938, x-702.

Travel Sentry

COVID-19 Travel Protective Gear


School is starting, road trips are popular, and we see invitations to small gatherings extended once again. How do we stay healthy and safe as the new-normal starts to emerge? Here are five products great for the whole family and are easy to use, convenient to carry, and, most importantly, keep the virus away. READ MORE

CDC Withdraws Post-Travel Quarantine Recommendations


On August 21, 2020, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revised its COVID-19 travel guidelines, removing the blanket 14-day quarantine recommendation for travelers returning from all international destinations. While the revised guidelines caution that returning travelers may pose a risk for up to 14 days if they were exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the CDC recommends that individuals take the following precautions after returning from travel, regardless of the travel destination. READ MORE

Don’t Argue with Anti-mask Shoppers, CDC Guides Retail Employees


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a warning about a new coronavirus health risk you probably didn’t expect: getting slapped, choked or kicked in the workplace by angry customers. And the best way to avoid it is not to engage. READ MORE

Ricardo Beverly HIlls

2020 Presidential Tickets: What They Could Mean for Retail


CPolitics is everywhere – from face coverings and the fate of the U.S. Postal Service to taxation, the future of work and global trade policy. Adding bitterness and anger to our political discourse is an unfortunate and devastating result of the global pandemic that has hurt communities, forced job losses and upended educational systems. The tickets are now set. There are roughly 70 days until Election Day 2020. While a lot can still happen to impact the outcome, we made a quick assessment of the current administration and its plans and compared those with the challenger’s policy proposals. Here is a brief overview of the top issues that matter to retailers during the 2020 election campaign. READ MORE

Why I’m Applying for Travel Credit Cards During a Pandemic


It’s a strange time to be thinking about travel when we’re all stuck at home. But that’s exactly what keeps me going: The idea that one day in the future, I’ll get to check some destinations off my bucket list. In the meantime, I’m applying for several travel credit cards. While the sign-up bonuses are a definite incentive, some of these cards are offering temporary perks that make them incredibly valuable. READ MORE

Retail Rent Collections Begin to Increase


National retail rent collections are increasing after several months of declining collections. According to Datex Property Solutions’ latest Tenant Track Report, retail rent collections hit 77.2% in July, up from 68.1% in June and 57.2% in May. The increase in rent collections may be a sign that retailers are adjusting to new regulations and shopping norms. READ MORE

What You Need to Buy If You Have to Get on a Plane Right Now


If you intend to book a flight, it’s important to think carefully and critically about what you put in your carry-on. Not only do you want to keep yourself safe and comfortable, but you also want to prepare to not have as many goods at your fingertips at the airport. Here is what we learned when we spoke with doctors about how to pack and prepare in the age of COVID-19. READ MORE

Travel Goods Showcase

Why You Might Not Be Welcome at This Year’s Thanksgiving Table


Do you really need to risk your health, or someone else’s, for the satisfaction of a shared meal and the privilege of arguing politics with your wrongheaded cousins? This is one of many questions wrapped up in the larger pro-con conversation about whether extended families should gather this year for the holidays. READ MORE

Three Reasons Why Retail Consumers Use Bitcoin


Bitcoin continues its rise in prevalence as a preferred alternative to traditional banking. It is more popular today than ever, and its popularity will only increase with time thanks to a mass network of fundamental users – more than with any other alternative digital payment currency, who rely on Bitcoin for frequent transactions meant to bolster their investments and store of value. READ MORE

Raising Leaders Using the Principles of Parenting at Work


“Leadership is a skill usually learned with time and experience and without this experience we can feel ill equipped to lead,” said Born. “Yet we already have many of the skills and experience stemming from our upbringing as well as raising our own children which can readily be applied in the workplace.” Wendy Born, author of the book ‘The Languages of Leadership’ and newly released ‘Raising Leaders’, lists five fundamental principles of Love, Environment, Health, Language and Vision that translate from home to work. READ MORE

Hotels Tout Cleaning, But Guests Say, ‘My Room Was Dirty’


Major hotel companies have been promoting new cleaning initiatives since the spring as a way to regain the confidence of the traveling public in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. But some guests at hotels in the U.S. – including their most valuable guests, loyalty program members – say they are not living up to their promises. READ MORE

The Travel Goods Show


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