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Ship by FedEx with TGA – Save More Than 40% Over UPS


“Ship to me” is the new walk-in purchase. And you can ship to customers and enjoy a 40% discount with FedEx and 30% off FedEx Ground through TGA – with an average savings of more than 40% over UPS. There’s no minimum, no fees. And TGA’s shipping program covers LTL and truckload freight with UPS, YRC and other brand-name freight carriers for significant savings with wholesale shipments. Visit the TGA shipping micro-site for details, or contact Cathy Trecartin,, 877-842-1938, x-702.

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Trump’s Tariffs Violated Global Trade Rules, WTO Says


The WTO sided with a complaint from China over tariffs imposed on about $234 billion of goods in 2018. The panel found that the tariffs violated several rules, including one that countries apply equal tariff rates to all member trading partners. READ MORE

Gear Designed to Ease the Burden of Traveling During COVID-19


When The 2020 Travel Goods Show took place in New Orleans in March 2020, the prospect of a global pandemic seemed a distant notion. Once only “essential travel” became the norm, the Travel Goods Association offered a list of resources geared for those who had to travel. To help ease the burden of traveling during this time, below you’ll find some of our favorite travel gear to help make your next trip safe, fun, and easy! READ MORE

Can Airport Testing and COVID Immunity Passports Unlock Travel?


In the current COVID-created travel maze, passengers face constantly shifting rules as airports, countries and even airlines impose their own restrictions on who can cross international borders. Testing has been adopted by various places as a key to allowing transit, leading to more widespread calls from the travel industry to use this to facilitate the return to a more normal flow of passenger traffic. READ MORE

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It’s Time to Book Holiday Trips. Is It Safe to Travel, or is This the Year to Skip a Family Get-Together?


Normally, the start of autumn is about the time when would-be revelers map holiday plans and make travel reservations. This year, bringing families together indoors for Thanksgiving or the year-end holidays could be downright dangerous, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says, depending on who’s invited to a gathering, how close celebrants are to each other and locations where they are held. READ MORE

How the Travel Industry Can Bounce Back More Sustainably


We’ve all seen the articles about how sea turtles are thriving in Thailand and animals like deer and goats have reappeared in cities as people stayed home due to the coronavirus-related lockdowns and travel restrictions. Studies show that air pollution was significantly reduced during the lockdowns that affected much of the world. Carbon emissions are projected to be 7% less this year than they were in 2019. This is all good, and indicates that it is possible for the earth to recover, but it’s not enough. READ MORE

The Flight Goes Nowhere. And It’s Sold Out


At a time when most people are stuck at home and unable to travel, and the global airline industry has been decimated by the pandemic, flights that take off and return to the airport a few hours later allow airlines to keep staff working. The practice also satisfies that itch to travel – even if it’s just being on a plane again. READ MORE

American Airlines Updates Mobile App with Touchless Check-in Experience, Useful Widget


American Airlines is doubling down on the mobile app experience. On Wednesday, the Fort Worth-based carrier announced two traveler-friendly updates to its iOS app. Specifically, all Apple devices updated to the latest iOS 14 software now support a touchless check-in experience. Plus, flyers who’ve upgraded to the newest American app will have the ability to see important day-of-travel information with a brand-new widget. READ MORE

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Use This Map to Find Out About Bus and Train Travel Restrictions


Over the past six months, discussions surrounding COVID travel options have primarily focused on the safety of flying, and the return of the road trip. But where does that leave people who primarily travel via train or bus? We’re not talking about safety issues on mass transit (though that is important to consider), but longer-distance trips on Amtrak, Greyhound, Megabus and a variety of regional bus companies. READ MORE

The Top 5 Leadership Soft Skills You Need to Empower Your Team


The core competencies of great leaders haven’t changed. Leaders still need drive, stamina and a keen eye for the right strategies. What has changed is the awareness of the interpersonal skills required to be a great leader and create great leaders. Today’s leaders need to be curious about what makes their teams tick and understand the key to unlocking everybody’s greatest potential is by how well they can connect their team with their teammates. READ MORE

When the Classroom Comes with Room Service and Poolside Cabanas


With the pandemic ongoing and millions of school-age children learning remotely, the travel industry is beckoning families with lures of “schoolcation.” READ MORE

Lonely Widower Puts Up a Poster Asking for Friends – And is Flooded with Messages from New Pals


Tony Williams received so many emails they crashed his inbox. He’s also had hundreds of phone calls from new friends around the world. People from America, Germany, Holland, Australia, Egypt, India, and Japan have been in touch inviting him on road trips or for an afternoon drinking gin and tonics. READ MORE

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