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Industry Trend Alert: Anti-microbial Tech for Travel


Read Going Viral: Anti-microbial Tech in 2021 for a fast, practical introduction to the most common treatments molded into plastics, woven through fabric or bonded to luggage surfaces. Then browse the gear – from gym bags to toothbrush cases, and luggage to masks – that utilizes each technology, providing long-lasting protection and peace of mind.

TGA Tells U.S. and European Union to Halt All Tariffs


On January 25, TGA joined 71 associations in urging the European Union (EU) and the U.S. to remove all current and suspend all future retaliatory tariffs affecting or threatening Trans-Atlantic trade.

Under Biden, China Faces Renewed Trade Pressure


The U.S.-Chinese trade war isn’t going away under President Joe Biden. Biden won’t confront Beijing right away, economists say, because he wants to focus on the coronavirus and the economy. But he looks set to renew pressure over trade and technology grievances that prompted President Donald Trump to hike tariffs on Chinese imports in 2017. READ MORE

An “Aggressive” Fight Over Containers is Causing Shipping Costs to Rocket By 300%


A critical shortage of containers is driving up shipping costs and delays for goods purchased from China. The pandemic and uneven global economic recovery has led to this problem cropping up in Asia, although other parts of the world have also been hit. Industry watchers said desperate companies wait weeks for containers and pay premium rates to get them, causing shipping costs to skyrocket. READ MORE

U.S. “Actively Looking” at Mandating COVID-19 Testing for Domestic Air Travel


The Biden administration is “actively looking” at expanding mandatory COVID-19 testing to travelers on U.S. domestic flights, a senior Centers for Disease Control and Prevention official said earlier this week. READ MORE

Testing Requirement is the Latest Curveball for the Travel Industry


The U.S. now requires a negative coronavirus test for all arriving international travelers, which has hotels adding testing suites and airlines enhancing mobile apps with health features. READ MORE

CMOs: Adapt Your Social Media Strategy for a Post-Pandemic World


The Special COVID-19 Edition of The CMO Survey found that social media has become critical to marketing during the pandemic. The survey reported that social media spending has increased from 13.3% of marketing budgets in February 2020 to 23.2% in June 2020 – a 74% lift. Meanwhile, spending on traditional advertising is projected to decline, as CMOs estimate a 5.3% reduction in traditional advertising channels in the next 12 months. READ MORE

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U.S. Air Travel Falls to 6-Month Low as COVID Infections, Travel Restrictions Hinder Recovery


U.S. airport screenings fell to the lowest level in more than six months as COVID-19 infections climb and the Biden administration introduces new travel restrictions. The Transportation Security Administration screened just 468,933 people at U.S. airports on Tuesday, down 71% from a year ago when more than 1.6 million people went through those checkpoints. It was the fewest number of screenings since July 4, the TSA said. READ MORE

The Key Trends for Retail and E-Commerce in 2021


As we begin a new year, it’s a good time to take a look at what lies ahead for retailers and online merchants. While COVID-19 brought many retailers to the breaking point in 2020, it also accelerated retail technology trends that had already been infiltrating the industry over the years. Here are some of the key trends the industry should expect to see accelerate in 2021. READ MORE

Amex Predicts to See a Rush of People Travel This Summer


American Express said on Tuesday it expects an uptick in holiday travel this summer, but not business travel, as it seeks to recover from a year which dented airline traffic and hotel bookings, knocking 15% off its bottom line. The New York-based company still beat Wall Street estimates for profit as it lowered credit loss reserves and benefited from higher online spending by consumers stuck at home. READ MORE

3 Retail Strategies to Drive Growth in 2021


Small businesses in the retail industry have new rules to play by if they want to succeed in the post-COVID-19 era. In-store innovations such as contactless shopping and new e-commerce experiences will help retailers differentiate and grow in 2021 and beyond. That’s according to Deloitte’s 2021 Retail Industry Outlook, which surveyed 50 retail executives about trends in the industry. Here are three growth strategies for retailers in 2021 cited in the report. READ MORE

Good Leaders Lose with Grace


Leaders – whether in politics or business – are understandably focused on winning. To come out on top is an inherent human desire; it shows we have impact and yields both financial and psychological rewards. Countless management books preach about how to win customers, form winning teams, and beat the competition. Losing – control, face, status, job, power, wealth – remains anathema. Here are four ways that leaders can demonstrate how to lose well. READ MORE

Book Now, Pay Later: the New Trend That’s Reshaping Travel During the Pandemic


Even before the COVID-19 pandemic put the brakes on travel, “book now, pay later” deals and third-party services were gaining in popularity with travelers. But in this era of pent-up travel demand and general uncertainty about how and when life and travel will return to normal, the notion of putting a future vacation on layaway suddenly makes a lot of sense – and many travel providers are taking notice. READ MORE


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