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Calling All TGA Members: What’s Your Hot Holiday Gift?


We’re rapidly approaching the holiday season, and TGA is actively working to share our members’ newest products with buyers and media in our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide. If you are an active TGA member, send TGA’s Kate Ryan your soon-to-be hot holiday sellers, and we’ll include your product for editorial consideration. If you’d like to learn more about TGA membership or renew past membership, please contact TGA’s Cathy Trecartin.

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Attention industry insiders: Read TGA News Briefs in Travel Goods Showcase for a quick review of what’s new in the travel goods industry. Discover new members and read association and Show updates. Learn who is cleaning streams or donating PPE in Democracy in Action, covering the corporate philanthropy of the travel goods industry. And find links to COVID-19 resources, Prop 65 best-practices, and trade and tariff news from TGA’s own Director of Government Relations, Nate Herman.

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No Matter Who Wins the Election, U.S. Fashion Manufacturing Won’t Be Returning to China


Fashion companies were not happy when U.S. President Donald Trump started his trade war with China. The additional tariffs on apparel from China raised costs on items coming into the U.S., speeding an ongoing push to diversify production to other parts of Asia and beyond. READ MORE

Transportation Capacity Hits New Lows, ‘No Relief in Sight’ for Pricing


A September supply chain survey shows transportation capacity has reached new lows. The Logistics Managers’ Index (LMI), a survey of leading logistics executives, showed capacity fell to new lows, dipping another 770 basis points during the month to a 23.8% reading. The survey captures the rate of change in activity for key supply chain trends in areas like transportation, inventory and warehousing. The September transportation capacity reading was the lowest level ever for any of the eight metrics the survey tracks. The capacity situation was even worse for “downstream firms,” or those closest to the consumer, at 16.3%. READ MORE

27 Gifts for Anyone Who Loves to Travel


For those who have been daydreaming of that first big trip back, we’ve rounded up the best travel gifts to inspire your next journey, make things easier when you are on the road again, and transport you to your favorite destinations in the meantime. READ MORE

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What “Home for the Holidays” Means During a Pandemic


The isolating nature of the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated many people’s desires for comfort and human connection – impulses that are strongly affiliated with home and family and are likely to grow as the holidays approach. “People are getting frustrated and tired of having this basic human need – of social interaction and contact with others – suppressed and hindered,” said Michael Brein, a psychologist who specializes in travel. “In some cases, they’re becoming less vigilant and a little more careless because COVID has been going on for so long.” READ MORE

Disneyland and Other California Theme Parks Get Rules for Reopening


California health officials issued long-awaited guidance for reopening theme parks in the state earlier this week, setting targets for when attractions like Disneyland Resort, in Anaheim, and Universal Studios Hollywood, in Los Angeles, can open their doors. For the big parks, it could be a long road: their counties must reach the least-restrictive “yellow” tier of the state’s four-tier COVID-19 economic-reopening plan. READ MORE

United Airlines Trials COVID-19 ‘Health Pass’ to Kick-Start Global Travel Again


This week, United Airlines will test a digital health pass as part of a global pilot program designed to accelerate a safer opening of international borders and kick-start global travel. The CommonPass system is a nonprofit initiative backed by the World Economic Forum and Swiss-based foundation The Commons Project. READ MORE

The World’s Longest Flight Is Back – and Now It’s Even Longer


At a mammoth 18 hours, it was the world’s longest scheduled passenger flight, seen as a feat of endurance for those who dared book it. But Singapore Airlines’ Singapore-Newark flight, which covered a staggering 9,534 miles, was an early victim of the COVID-19 pandemic, being put on hold on March 23. Now it’s ready to take off again, with flights scheduled to re-start on Nov. 9 between Singapore and New York. READ MORE

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Consumers Prioritize Spending on Family, Friends Ahead of Holiday Season


Purchasing gifts for friends and loved ones is a way for consumers to shift focus from the uncertainty and stress of the pandemic to celebrating the holidays and the promise of our return to a better tomorrow. In total, consumers plan to spend $997.79 on gifts, holiday items such as decorations and food, and additional “non-gift” purchases for themselves and their families, according to the annual survey released today by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics. READ MORE

Today’s Leaders Need Vulnerability, Not Bravado


Few myths are as pervasive as the notion that leaders ought to appear tough and confident. Or at least, that was the case prior to the current pandemic, which has exposed the many weaknesses of forceful, dominant leaders and highlighted the superiority of those who have the courage to reveal their vulnerabilities. READ MORE

Jumpstart Your Social Media Marketing for 2021


So, you’re ready to enter the new year with a strong social media marketing strategy? If so, then read this guide, a beginner’s class on social media marketing. I’ll also show you how to get the jump on your competitors as we exit the pandemic. To make things clearer, I offer a hypothetical strategy for a new company developing a social media marketing plan and focus on organic (rather than paid) strategies. READ MORE

What’s Next for No-touch Air Travel?


How many times do you touch the cabin around you in an airplane when you fly? How about the airport? How many times do the people working there touch your belongings? The answer today is, as a rule, “quite a lot.” But airlines, airports and the aviation industry want the answer in the near future to be “quite a bit less.” READ MORE

This Austin Restaurant May Be Making the Wittiest Pandemic Signs Anywhere


A restaurant that’s famous for its hilarious signs has been pulling out all the stops to bring laughs in the era of COVID-19. When the pandemic reached U.S. shores, and bars and restaurants began shuttering across the country back in spring, the team at the popular Texas restaurant decided that it was time to put even more effort into bringing comic relief to others. READ MORE

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