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When you need a quick overview of travel innovation, or a quirky conversation starter, TravelBits provides bite-size nuggets of knowledge about what’s new in travel. In this edition: Touchless airport delivery, road trip weddings, best wintertime national parks, private eats and private islands, locals to plan your getaway, socially isolated Amtrak Vacations, and JetBlue and American’s smart new (old) partnership. Read the latest TravelBits here.

Member Opportunity Alert: Get Your Product into Travel Goods Showcase


In its upcoming issue, Travel Goods Showcase will highlight travel gear items that are helping families adapt to their new remote work and learning routines – and the desperately needed getaways from that routine. If you have the perfect travel gear that will help families adapt to this new normal, we’d love to feature it in the digital pages of Travel Goods Showcase. To be considered for coverage, please email product details, MSRP and product photo to TGA’s Kim Wong by November 4th (deadline extended).

Travel Sentry

The Explosion of Media Consumption in a Pandemic and Implications for Travel


The explosion of media consumption around the globe this pandemic year has huge implications for the future of every business sector, including travel. Watch this video to get your head spinning…well, you’ll see. READ MORE

Pinterest Preps for Holidays with New Retail Tools


Pinterest is getting ready for the holidays. The social media and imagery platform is offering new tools to help retailers better reach their customers. The suite of new tools includes an updated storefront profile and search feature along with automatic bidding, reported MediaPost. “Prior to this launch, advertisers had to input a manual bid amount for their ad groups,” said Stephanie Johnson, Pinterest product marketing lead. “With automatic bidding, Pinterest bids on the advertisers’ behalf.” READ MORE

Successful Remote Teams Communicate in Bursts


With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, the move to an online workplace has become widespread and may well endure. But, as many organizations are learning, managing the flow of communication among remote teams is tricky. Our latest research findings have led to insights that can help. They center on the concepts of burstiness, information diversity, and physiological synchrony, attention to which can foster creativity, streamline processes, reduce the stress of multi-tasking, and improve team performance. READ MORE

Ricardo Beverly HIlls

How to Travel Abroad to Work from Home


My partner and I both felt we could get away, safely. So we packed the large bottles of sanitizer, double-checked the Wi-Fi and off we went. READ MORE

Expert Tips and Tricks for Social Media Marketing


So, it only makes sense to leverage these websites to help your business gain more momentum. However, how can you do this? Well, fortunately, social media marketing is not hard to grasp. By mastering a few techniques, your company will reach new heights in no time. So, check out our next few hacks to incorporate social media into your marketing plan. READ MORE

The Changing Landscape of Retail and Predictions for 2021


Amidst an ongoing pandemic that has forced consumers and businesses to dramatically alter the way they transact, the U.S. Census Bureau’s second quarter retail eCommerce sales estimates show that the eCommerce share of all retail trade leapt up to 16.1%. READ MORE

Travel Goods Showcase Magazine

After a Lifetime on the Road, Getting Used to Having Nowhere to Be


What does a lifelong traveler do in a world without travel? In this prolonged season of the virus, hundreds of millions have suffered much more than I have. But still, it’s been a curious no-man’s-land for those of us used to always being up in the air to go overnight from playing Bill Murray in Lost in Translation, furiously walking a treadmill in the hotel health club at 3 a.m., to Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, reliving the same morning again and again. Even as we know that the only way to break the cycle, by flying into tomorrow, is unavailable. READ MORE

Kazakhstan Embraces Borat Catchphrase in New Tourism Campaign: ‘Very Nice!’


When comedian Sacha Baron Cohen released his satirical mockumentary about the fictional Kazakh reporter Borat Sagdiyev in 2006, it was banned in Kazakhstan. Last week, a sequel came out – but this time, Kazakhstan is responding differently. The country’s tourism board launched a new campaign this week, adopting Borat’s viral catchphrase “Very nice!” as their official new slogan. READ MORE

D.C. Buildings, Stores Boarded Up in Preparation for 2020 Election


The District of Columbia isn’t alone. Beverly Hills shops are also planning to shield some windows before Nov. 3. In advance of the end of the 2020 election season, stores near the White House are being boarding up for protection in case of violent protests. Photos taken from the district, posted to TMZ, show construction crews nailing wooden boards over windows. READ MORE

United Is Bringing Back Inflight Food and Beverage Sales – With a Twist


Early in the pandemic, airlines quickly suspended most inflight service offerings. On some of the shortest flights, you wouldn’t receive anything – not even water. With the holidays approaching and more people taking to the skies, carriers are slowly resuming pre-pandemic service, with an increased focus on crew and passenger safety. On Oct. 1, United boosted its complimentary offerings. READ MORE

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