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Members, Take Action: Call for Virus-Resistant, Pandemic-Proof Travel Gear


COVID-19 can remain infectious on surfaces for days, and constant cleaning is impractical. Travel goods manufacturers are designing products that can repel viruses, using built-in technology that makes gear non-stick for pathogens, or neutralizes viruses on contact. If you’re a manufacturer developing anti-viral travel gear, we’d love to feature it in the digital pages of Travel Goods Showcase. And if you’re a retailer with an opinion about anti-viral travel items, we want to hear from you. To be considered for coverage, please email product details, MSRP and product photo to by Nov. 24th. READ MORE

U.S. Travel Goods Imports Slide in First Nine Months of 2020 Led by Declines in Imports from China


On Nov. 6, the U.S. government published import data for September 2020. U.S. travel goods imports (as described under HTS Heading 4202 – click links to get specific import data on luggagebackpacksflatgoodshandbagsbusiness cases/laptop bags, and travel bags) slid 23.2% (by volume) in the first nine months of 2020. In addition to the obvious impact of COVID-19 on the industry, the latest import numbers show the accelerating trend away from China. In the first nine months of 2020, U.S. travel goods imports from China fell 37.1%, with China accounting for only 57.9% of total U.S. travel goods imports. For comparison, in 2016, China accounted for 84.7% of all U.S. travel goods imports. Meanwhile, despite the pandemic, U.S. travel goods imports from #2 supplier Vietnam (17.7%), #3 Cambodia (21.2%), #4 Burma (Myanmar) (107.8%), and #8 Mexico (5.3%) surged in the first eight months of 2020. In fact, U.S. travel goods imports from Vietnam now account for 19.0% of all U.S. travel goods imports, followed by #3 Cambodia (7.6%), #4 Burma (Myanmar) (3.8%), #5 India (3.2%), and #6 Indonesia (1.4%). U.S. imports of travel goods account for approximately 99% of the U.S. travel goods market.

Don’t Expect a Quick End to Trump’s Trade Wars


President-elect Joe Biden will face enormous pressure from industry and allies to pull back President Donald Trump’s trade wars and ditch his tariffs. But unraveling many of those Trump policies may have to wait. Though the former vice president said he will immediately re-engage allies to combat China, the campaign said that any new trade deals would be considered only after investments in infrastructure and a coronavirus stimulus package. READ MORE

Traveling Companions: What to Grab Before You Go, in a Time of Coronavirus


Traveling takes on entirely new meaning as our country – and planet – battle a pandemic. Be prepared to safely leave home with these products, many of which are manufactured by members of the Travel Goods Association. READ MORE

Tips for How to Travel – and Host Travelers – Safely This Holiday Season


Homebound and weary after a stressful and vacationless year, many in America at least simply aren’t willing to miss spending Christmas and Thanksgiving with their loved ones, no matter the coronavirus count. CNBC’s Global Traveler asked doctors for medical advice on how travelers and holiday hosts can more safely celebrate the next seven weeks. READ MORE

Self-Compassion Will Make You a Better Leader


It’s understandable for leaders to get caught up in fear, doubt, and criticism when facing critical business decisions that will have a major impact on lives and livelihoods. But what’s needed in times of uncertainty and disruption is mental clarity, emotional balance, fortitude, and vision. To move from self-doubt and paralysis to clarity and action, you need an often-misunderstood skill: self-compassion. READ MORE

The Travel Goods Show

Google Adds COVID-Related Health and Safety Info to Google Travel


Google announced it is adding more COVID-related health and safety information to its Google Travel booking service. Starting this week, when users search for hotels and vacation rental properties through Google Travel, they may see new information about COVID-19 safety precautions at the property – like enhanced cleaning procedures or contact-free check-in, among other things. READ MORE

What a Vaccine Could Mean for Retail


There really are no winners in a pandemic, which has taken such a devastating human toll. But retailers that managed to benefit during the outbreak are set to see that advantage erode when daily life returns to normal, while those taking a hit may see some relief. READ MORE

First Passengers Travel in Virgin’s Levitating Hyperloop Pod System


Richard Branson’s Virgin Hyperloop has completed the world’s first passenger ride on a high-speed levitating pod system, a key safety test for technology it hopes will transform human and cargo transportation. Virgin Hyperloop executives reached speeds of up to 107 mph (172 km/h) at the company’s DevLoop test site in Las Vegas, the company said earlier this week. READ MORE

Is It Cheaper to Use Miles to Book Holiday Travel This Year?


Many frequent travelers haven’t stepped foot on a plane for months. Yet, with the holidays approaching, it might be time to dust off the old airline mile account and start booking award travel. Or is it? READ MORE

Top Social Media Trends to Drive Your 2021 Marketing Strategy


How can marketers prepare to take on 2021? This year has been a rocky one for many businesses globally, and some of the business trends we see today are likely to continue in the coming year. While a complete recovery might take some time, it is still important for brands to equip themselves with a robust marketing strategy for 2021, based on data-driven insights and consumer trends. In this article, we look at three social media trends that are expected to drive the most impact in 2021, according to both the experts and consumers. These are trends which marketing professionals should definitely leverage and weave into their marketing strategy in 2021. READ MORE

Help! Where Is the Safest Seat on an Airplane?


Deciding where to sit on a plane has always been an exercise in strategy and skill: how to get the most legroom, the best shut-eye, the quickest exit. The stakes certainly feel higher now. READ MORE


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