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Thankful for You This Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is a natural point to reflect on the past year. Today, perhaps more than any year in the past, we acknowledge the uncertainty, the challenges, and the small victories of our friends and colleagues in 2020. Words cannot express our gratitude for you, our members, who infuse energy into our industry group and keep TGA alive. Thank you for your friendship and for all that you do for the travel goods industry.

FMC Acts on TGA Petition to Investigate Unfair Detention/Demurrage Charges at Ports


Earlier this week, the Federal Maritime launched an investigation into allegations of unfair detention and demurrage charges at the Ports of LA/Long Beach and at the Port of NY/NJ. The announcement comes shortly after TGA and dozens of other organizations petitioned the FMC to take action on this critical issue. The unfair charges stem from the shortage of empties and chassis and lack of dual transactions at the ports which has caused significant delays leading to unfair charges for reasons that are out of our control.

Stimulus Update: Phew, Stimulus Checks and Aid Look More Likely


President-elect Joe Biden is wheeling and dealing behind the scenes in hopes of prodding Congress into an immediate aid package. Here’s what’s happening. READ MORE

Biden Will Likely Have to Reimagine the Future of U.S. Economic Leadership in Asia, Says Expert


The Biden administration will likely have to reimagine the future of U.S. economic leadership in Asia-Pacific following two massive free trade agreements signed by countries in the region, according to a former foreign policy advisor. READ MORE

Report: How We’ll Shop


COVID-19 has drastically altered how, where, and who we shop with. What does the next year hold in store for your customers? How We’ll Shop, a new study by Brightpearl, reveals the most significant changes to shoppers’ spending habits since COVID and how this will impact on their behaviors and priorities over the next 12 months. READ MORE

As Customers Move Online, So Does the Holiday Shopping Season


Empty stores are turning into fulfillment centers and the market for warehouse space is booming, as the pandemic rockets the retail industry into its e-commerce future. READ MORE

Millions of Americans Traveling for Thanksgiving, Ignoring CDC Advice


Millions of Americans are ignoring the advice of public health experts and traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday. The Transportation Security Administration reported that more than 1.04 million people went through airport security checkpoints Sunday, the most since mid-March, and about 1 million more went through TSA checkpoints each day last Friday and Saturday. READ MORE

The Travel Goods Show

Expert Advice on the Near Future of Cheap Travel


Last week I sat down virtually with Jared Kamrowski, the energetic and informed founder of one of my favorite airfare deal-finding sites and newsletters, Take a read through our lively, advice-laden conversation to learn about the airfare outlook for the holidays, spring break and next summer; “crazy good” fare deals; how a COVID-19 vaccination will impact 2021 trips to Europe and Hawaii and lots more. READ MORE

How to Game Black Friday Travel Deals During a Pandemic


Black Friday travel deals are offering more value this year while accommodating the possibility of pandemic-disrupted plans. Look for flexible cancellation and rebooking policies, and trips you can book next summer and beyond, when the coronavirus may be more controlled. As always, caveat emptor: Beware blackout dates and other restrictions in the fine print. READ MORE

How to Actually Encourage Employee Accountability


Fewer words in corporate vernacular induce a tighter wince than “accountability,” and for good reason. Companies and leaders have grappled with what it is and how to achieve it effectively for decades. Ask anyone if they look forward to their performance evaluation or periodic check-in with their boss, and most will give an emphatic “no.” Data shows that 82% of managers acknowledge they have “limited to no” ability to hold others accountable successfully, and 91% of employees would say that “effectively holding others accountable” is one of their company’s top leadership-development needs. READ MORE

D2C: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…Retail


As COVID-19 drives a surge in digital traffic and online consumption, merchants and manufacturers alike are racing to upgrade and adjust their platforms to capture as much of the consumer shift as possible this holiday shopping season. With brands everywhere rushing to either revamp existing channels or launch new ones, the line between traditional retail and direct-to-consumer (D2C) sites is not only getting blurred, but it’s raising questions about whether this trend is a short-term reflexive phenomenon or the start of a long-term strategic realignment. READ MORE

Infographic: 10 Instagram Trends You Need to Know in 2021


Are you looking for ways to improve your Instagram marketing approach? Want to know the key platform trends that are predicted to rise in 2021? The team from Oberlo share their key Instagram trends to look out for in this infographic. READ MORE


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