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tgamp-zumer-sport“While trying to fix a bag for my son, I realized I could take the materials from a basketball and construct my own drawstring bag,” says Zumer Sport founder Dan Hock. “I soon received requests to construct other bags from basketball materials, as well as backpacks and duffle bags. And that’s how Zumer Sport was born.”

Zumer Sport started as a youth basketball coach’s attempt to fix his son’s drawstring bag, but it’s become a company that ships products across the world. “We now employ staff around the clock and offer products in 8 different sports,” states Dan Hock. And the company’s signature bags are all constructed using actual sports ball materials – repurposing the cover materials from baseballs and basketballs to golf balls and more.

“We pride ourselves on innovation and are constantly in the process of creating and testing new products that contain the essence of our favorite sports. Our product development staff is focused on producing products that look and feel exactly like one’s favorite sport ball.”

In addition, Zumer Sport can customize any of their products with a full color design. They offer 175 products in eight different sports including backpacks, business card holders, coasters, coin purses, desk caddies, drawstring bags, duffle bags, eyeglass cases, insulated lunch coolers, iPad covers and more.

For more information, visit zumersport.com or contact Dan Zumer at 805-784-9101; dan@zumersport.com.