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Zensah Compression Apparel

mp_zensahFounded in 2004, Zensah is a leader in travel compression, dedicated to creating compression products for travel and wellness that make the travel experience much more comfortable. Its seamless technology creates flat seams for added comfort, and it uses 3D fabric design and ribbing to improve circulation, with a proprietary fabric containing silver ions that are anti-microbial, thermo-regulating and durable.

“Zensah offers travelers a new alternative to traditional compression socks and is recognized in the market for its innovative compression socks and leg sleeves,” states Manuela Bogeholz. “Zensah provides the optimal compression level for comfort and function and continues to be a primary choice for travelers.”

Zensah’s Fresh Legs Travel Compression Leg Sleeves make use of compression and targeted support by incorporating a 3D fabric design and ribbing that improves circulation and enhances blood flow. They are designed to provide massage-like relief for sore legs to create a more comfortable travel experience. The company’s sales and marketing office is based in Miami, FL. For more information, log on to www.getfreshlegs.com, or contact Manuela Bogeholz at 305-935-4619; manuela@zensah.com.