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TGA Industry News Briefs

Travel Goods & GSP – Status Update


On February 25, President Trump left India without a trade deal. However, all hope is not lost for restoration of India’s Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) benefits as negotiations continue. Meanwhile, we await a final Trump administration decision on GSP benefits for Thailand and Indonesia. We expect a final decision this summer. And, finally, on February 25, Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), the Ranking Member of the Senate Finance Committee, the powerful trade setting committee, joined five other prominent Senate Democrats in calling for the Trump administration to review the Philippines’ GSP benefits over labor/human rights concerns.

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White House Admits That Trump Trade Stance Did Depress Economy


The White House acknowledged what many economists considered obvious through much of last year: President Donald Trump’s trade stance depressed economic growth and business investment. “Uncertainty generated by trade negotiations dampened investment,” Trump chief economist Tomas Philipson told reporters in a briefing on the annual Economic Report of the President released last week. READ MORE

31 E-commerce Trends Changing How We Shop and How Companies Do Business


By 2020, 100 million consumers will be using augmented reality to shop online and in-store, according to research by Gartner. While imposing a computer-generated couch into your living room might feel futuristic, this is just the tip of the iceberg for virtual reality use cases in e-commerce: The same Gartner survey notes that 46% of retailers plan to incorporate some form of AR or virtual reality into their customer experiences by next year. READ MORE

This Double-decker Airline Seat is the Stuff of Budget Travel Dreams


Traveling is delightful, but sometimes the experience itself is not – especially for coach cabin travelers. “Cattle class” and “sardine can” may be insulting nicknames for economy class, but they are indicative of the general public’s frustration with increasingly crowded cabins. Enter Zephyr, a new wide-body aircraft seat prototype designed to eliminate most of the frustrations of coach class misery. READ MORE

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'Free' Travel Can Be a Real Gotcha. Here's When to Say Yes and When to Run Away


Free travel: if those two words aren't enough to make you do just about anything, then nothing will. The promise of free travel makes travelers run up enormous credit card bills, book airline tickets to nowhere, and ignore reason and logic. In short, the promise of free travel makes us lose our minds. It's hard to believe that intelligent people fall for this kind of nonsense. READ MORE

How to Create the Perfect Meeting Agenda


Instead of designing your agenda as a laundry list of topics to be broached, consider creating your agenda as a set of questions to be addressed. In its simplest form, the meeting exists to answer a set of compelling questions in an allotted time. Here are some examples of what this could look like. READ MORE

Walmart’s New Social Media Strategy Has Boosted App Downloads 50%


Walmart is employing a new social strategy to be more reactive in real time with a new more conversational brand voice. Doing so isn’t simply about being part of the social conversation online but to help the business. The retailer enacted this social change with the recently launched “Famous Visitors” campaign, which touted the ability to order what you need online and pick it up curbside, but the effort to be more conversational and reactive will continue as the brand aims to transform its social presence. READ MORE

A Leader’s Guide to Managing the Inner Critic


You know the voice. It’s the one in your head replaying that awkward conversation with a client and spotlighting the bored faces at your presentation. It shames you into not speaking up at a meeting and sabotages your great ideas because of course they really aren’t that good. And while it’s got your attention: How did you even get where you are today, given all your shortcomings? That voice is your inner critic – negative or self-sabotaging self-talk – and we all have one, according to Daena Giardella, a senior lecturer and executive coach at MIT Sloan. READ MORE

Consumers Hate Paying for Shipping More Than Just About Anything


Consumers will do just about anything to avoid paying for online orders to be shipped to their homes. That’s the takeaway from new research that reinforces the unwillingness of American consumers to pay anything beyond a product’s sales price and sales tax. A survey of nearly 5,400 consumers in December by RetailMeNot found that 82% prefer free shipping to paying a fee to have their shipments expedited. READ MORE

Disney Bets on Tourism Experience by Naming Parks Boss New CEO


Disney CEO Bob Iger, who steered the company through successful purchases of Star Wars, Marvel and Fox’s entertainment businesses, is stepping down immediately, the company said in a surprise announcement earlier this week. The Walt Disney Co. named as his replacement Bob Chapek, most recently chairman of Disney’s parks, experiences and products business. READ MORE