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TGA Industry News Briefs
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Happy Independence Day!


This year’s Independence Day travel forecast predicts nearly 49 million people are going away for the holiday, eclipsing last year’s record exodus of 46.9 travelers. We’re part of the festivities – millions of people will rely on our products as they hit the roads, take to the skies, and make tracks out of town. Without us, the week would be more travel nightmare than celebratory fun. From all of us at TGA: Enjoy the holiday, wherever you choose to spend it, and feel proud for helping enable millions to enjoy their holiday travel.

China Tariffs – TGA Files Comments as Trump Keeps 25% Tariffs in Place on Travel Goods While Talks Resume, Exclusion Process Opens


On June 29, after meeting with Chinese President Xi, President Trump announced that the U.S. and China will resume trade talks. While President Trump agreed to not impose new tariffs on U.S. imports from China, President Trump will keep all current tariffs in place “for the time being,” including the 25% punitive tariffs on U.S. travel goods imports from China. On July 2, the U.S. government’s hearing process (scroll to bottom) on proposed new China tariffs ended. In addition to testifying against the China tariffs, TGA filed post-hearing comments this week. Meanwhile, on June 30, the process to request exclusions (details, web portal) from Tranche 3 tariffs, including the 25% tariffs on travel goods, opened. As of July 2, three companies have filed a combined 27 petitions requesting exclusions for certain types of travel goods. Thanks to everyone who attended the July 2 webinar on the exclusion process (letter to USTR, webinar recording). You will hear more from TGA in the next few weeks on the exclusion process.

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Li Keqiang, Chinese Premier, Reaches Out to Trump and Business


A top Chinese leader made an unusually public effort on Tuesday to ease trade tensions somewhat with the U.S., woo foreign investors and reassure his own country’s citizens that their economy remained on track. READ MORE

Travel Gear Review 2019: Our Biggest and Best Ever!


Annita Thomas of Travel Bags with Annita tested countless new travel products she found at The Travel Goods Show and rounded up her favorites, just in time for summer vacation season. Take a look and find something for the weekend traveler, the road warrior, college students and more. READ MORE

Avoid These Times for July 4th Holiday Travel


Many Americans are willing to travel hundreds of miles and sit in traffic to spend time with family and friends during the Fourth of July holiday; however, a planned travel itinerary could give you more time with loved ones instead of stuck in traffic. READ MORE

Can Overtourism Be Stopped in Its Tracks?


Overtourism is fast becoming one of the most hotly debated issues in the modern age of travel. Thanks to cheaper air fares, rising incomes and social media's ability to laser focus attention on specific destinations, more travelers than ever before are descending on places that can no longer cope with their own popularity. READ MORE


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U.S. Retail Group Offers to Help Antitrust Investigators in Going After Amazon and Google


A leading U.S. retail group, whose members include Walmart, Target, Best Buy and others, has penned a letter to the Federal Trade Commission that details its concerns over big tech companies’ dominance. The letter specifically calls out Amazon and Google for their control over the majority of internet product searches, how price and product information reaches consumers and other concerns. READ MORE

The Leadership Mistake Millennials Say Makes You Look Like a Liar (and Desperate, Too)


In this age of emotional intelligence, the qualities employees look for in good leaders have shifted. In particular, how leaders react to challenges or criticism is observed intensely. We live in an age of transparency. Employees believe they have the right to assess the skills of their leadership teams. One old-school leadership technique is being viewed by employees as highly negative. Using this style can make you lose the respect and credibility of your team, especially with Millennials. READ MORE

How 11 Simple Social Media Marketing Tools Helped Me Succeed


Want to save time? Boost productivity? Get organized? Develop new, unicorn-level social-media strategies? The workflow of a social media marketer can be chaotic and overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be. Every social-media marketer should have these 11 social media marketing tools bookmarked for easy access. READ MORE

6 Ways Malls & Stores Are Adapting to Current Retail Trends


With the current retail trends, malls have really had to up their game to entice people to leave their houses, and spend, which means appealing to what people love about online experiences, and catering to types of events you can only experience in-person. Here are six ways malls and retail stores are adapting to current retail trends. READ MORE