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mp_wellspring-ideas_rps-224x280Wellspring Ideas LLC is a family-owned business founded by friends Leo and Dave. Leo is the inventor, always looking for unique solutions to everyday problems. Dave is the businessman. Travel Pocket was born from Leo’s frequent travels, and his wife Donna’s unfortunate experience with electronic pickpocketing. The Travel Pocket is worn under clothing, providing discreet and secure personal stowage.

“The Travel Pocket is a patented personal security accessory that is easy to put on, adjustable, and so comfortable you can even sleep in it,” states Leo Vitangcol. “No other product in the world combines Travel Pocket’s unique features.”

Travel Pocket combines three features – it has a hook & loop closure that is easy to access but can’t be “lifted” like a wallet, it utilizes RFID-blocking technology to protect against the scanning of your credit cards or passport, and it is easy to access with no need to reach into your shirt or pockets to access your money.

For more information, log on to www.safetravelpocket.com, or contact Leo Vitangcol at 262-794-3343; contact@safetravelpocket.com.