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mp_trunkster-familyCreated by millennials for the millennial traveler, Trunkster began when two traveling friends, Gaston Blanchet and Jesse Potash, wished for a more accessible hardside suitcase. Their amateur sketches grew into one of Kickstarter’s most successful travel crowdfunding campaigns, attracting thousands of backers who pledged almost $1.4 million to have it manufactured. Trunkster will start shipping in 2015 to more than 10,000 early adopters.

Trunkster is the world’s first and only rolltop luggage. Inspired by rolltop doors in airplanes, Trunkster is a hardside suitcase that can be quickly and conveniently accessed in the most constricted spaces via its revolutionary sliding door. Trunkster also features location tracking, USB charging, and an integrated digital scale.

Trunkster is an entirely new class of luggage, granting instant access to your belongings even in the tightest spaces, letting you charge your phone while on the run, and allowing you to track its location worldwide. It is, quite possibly, the most exciting thing to happen to luggage since the invention of rolling bags.

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