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Travel Kozy™

mp_TravelKozy_325wc2flGlenn T. McCain created the Travel Kozy, a self-inflated body comforter/pillow, to provide supportive, comfortable rest while seated in planes, buses and cars, providing tunable support of the neck and torso. This is achieved by sculpting the sections supporting the neck, back and lumbar areas of the body for the user’s total comfort. Open-cell foam construction allows for a quick inflate/deflate of the Travel Kozy through permanently attached air valves.

“Travel Kozy was designed to relieve the stress of travel and allow for a restful trip,” states McCain.

The Travel Kozy is offered in two versions – a one-piece unit, and another with multiple pieces that are configured and connected by Velcro® – and each Kozy comes with a travel bag for quick rolling and stowage of the device.

For more information, visit or contact Glenn T. McCain at; 813-753-6231.