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No, that’s not a printing error — there really are three covers on this issue!

This year’s Travel Goods Show had too many big trends to be encapsulated in a single cover concept, so rather than try to pick one to highlight, we went with the top three.

  • Kids’ Travel Gear: More — and more creative — than ever
  • Luggage Tags: More than just bag IDs
  • Next-Gen Pillows: More comfort for a better travel experience

Get the scoop on all the trends, including many that didn’t make our cover trifecta, in the Trends story, and Seen at The Show.

Photographer: Kerry Pittenger
Models: Mason Allum and Cooper Allum


The Travel Goods Show: Trends [DOWNLOAD PDF FILE]
Hardsides are morphing, with softside features; gadgets get integrated; collapsibility continues as a sales draw; and tags, kids’ travel and pillows hit it big. BY GARRETT LAI

Seen at The Show [DOWNLOAD PDF FILE]
Our photo recap of the 2013 Travel Goods Show: From personalities to happenings and products galore — this is the next best thing to being there. BY KATHY WITT, PHOTOGRAPHS BY KERRY PITTENGER. EXHIBITORS AND ATTENDEES BY TARA NURIN, PHOTOGRAPHS BY DVAID BRAUN

The Industry Awards [DOWNLOAD PDF FILE]
TGA Award Profile — Richard Krulik: Richard Krulik brings it full circle, from his great-grandfather’s Viennese luggage store in the early 1900s to building up Briggs & Riley and Solo. TGA Awards — Product Innovation Awards: First-, second- and third-place trophies go to four different winners: Delsey, Rimowa, Travel Halo and Travelpro. Community Service Award: Lieber’s Luggage shows how to lead with community activism. Buzz Award: PlayAway Case shows you can have fun with kids’ stuff, and be a winner. BY GARRETT LAI

Retailer Impressions [DOWNLOAD PDF FILE]
The low-down on the world’s biggest travel goods show, from the perspective that matters most — retailers. BY TARA NURIN

State of the U.S. Travel Goods Market, 2001-2012 [DOWNLOAD PDF FILE]
Travel goods sales are up for 2012, but at what cost? Our annual travel goods market report, with projected sales trends by category, including luggage, backpacks, sports bags, business cases, handbags and personal leather goods. BY NATE HERMAN


Editor's Note "We’re Going Places!" BY MICHELE MARINI PITTENGER

Travel Bits DIY bag-tagging; Whole Foods as a destination resort; Angry Birds in space;
Slow travel; Mapping the world’s subways; London’s Shard and other travel esoterica.

News & Notes Business travelers experience up to 6.9 hours of stress per trip; 24-7 International is in acquisition mode; “Travel Blitz” strikes the United States; Eagle Creek lands an ADDY, and more insider notes from the industry. [DOWNLOAD PDF FILE]

TGA News Briefs 34 New Companies Join TGA; the 2014 Travel Goods Show Forecast: Warm, Sunny, and Hot for Business; Big media mentions from the 2013 Show. [DOWNLOAD PDF FILE]

Industry Buzz People, product, milestones, moving. [DOWNLOAD PDF FILE]


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