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It's Show Time in Chicago

IT'S THE SHOW ISSUE OF TRAVEL GOODS SHOWCASE, AND AROUND HERE THAT means we're revving up the engines and getting things shipshape for The International Travel Goods Show.

This year's Show heads to a new venue and a new city — Chicago's McCormick Place — the largest convention center in the country. More significantly, we're co-locating with the International Home + Housewares Show. Co-location means Housewares Show badge holders will be able to attend our Show, and your Travel Goods Show badge will grant you access to the Housewares Show. In all likelihood, Housewares Show attendees crossing over to our Show will shatter attendance records for The International Travel Goods Show, and that's excellent news.

The rebounding economy and lure of record-breaking attendance makes The Show just too good for exhibitors to pass up. As a result, we're seeing a raft of new exhibitors, along with the return of some familiar brands that sat out the past couple of Shows while weathering the gloomy economy. And that means there'll be plenty to see at The Show.

Today's travel goods aren't just relegated to travel days — for most people, their number-one piece of travel gear is something they rely on every single day. It's a laptop or tablet carrier, a purse, a wallet, briefcase, messenger bag or backpack. If you were to peek inside those purses, briefcases and everyday bags you'd see they're filled with travel items that help improve organization, provide comfort and enhance personal safety. Whether it's a trip around the world or a trek across town, travel goods let people bring along the things that make them feel at home.

Travel goods let you tote computers and e-readers to the local coffeehouse; they let you take it with you for those work-at-home days; they help soccer moms organize their everyday errands; they're more than just bags — travel goods are everyday problem-solvers; and they're indispensable solutions for hundreds of other everyday inconveniences. All of which make The International Travel Goods Show the destination event for everything and anything having to do with travel and portability. It's become much more than a luggage show — it's a celebration of today's portable, on-the-go lifestyle.

The Show has also always been the best place to establish new business connections, renew old relationships and discover upcoming best-sellers. And, that probably goes more than double this year as more new travel goods and new companies will make their debuts at The Show.

It's going to be a terrific year for our industry. And it begins now, with this issue of Travel Goods Showcase, and it starts in earnest at The International Travel Goods Show in Chicago.

I look forward to seeing you there!


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