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mp_rollasoleRollasole’s patented roll-up flats are the tiny, travel-friendly antidote for long days on high heels. They come in a variety of different styles, sizes and colors to suit any circumstance where you might be confronted with sore feet: traveling, having a night out, or simply at work.

“Our shoes are a must-have for every woman,” states Ashley Ross. “They are stylish flats that come with a high heel carrying bag so women can kick off those heels and let the good times roll in a pair of Rollasoles!”

Products include their Bow Belles Rollasoles, casually comfortable roll-up shoes with a statement bow and upscale dressiness that wouldn’t be out of place in an office environment. Rollasole is also the innovator of the rollable flats shoe vending machine, which has been a hit in the club scene.

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