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mp_orb-travelVibrant, a 20-year-old design firm, recently entered the travel accessory market with the launch of ORB Travel, introducing unique, designer-coordinated sets of luggage straps, travel organizers and bag tags to the North American marketplace.

“For more than 20 years, our parent company, Vibrant, has served the retail community with innovative and high appeal products, and has distinguished itself with quick turnaround times and high fill rates,” states Murad Ismail. “We are utilizing our design expertise and innovative approaches, creating a fresh view on the travel accessory market with products that are stylish, functional and differentiate your luggage.”

The ORB Travel Collection includes coordinated luggage straps and bag tags, passport holders with RFID protection, TSA-friendly luggage locks, adapters, chargers, scales and travel essentials gift sets. They maintain distribution facilities in Buffalo, NY and Toronto, ON.

For more information, log on to www.vibrantphoto.com/ORB, or contact Murad Ismail at 800-561-6510; mismail@vibrantphoto.com.