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Occles Travel Eyewear

mp_occlesThe creators of Occles Travel Eyewear came up with the idea for “Occles – the ultimate eyeshades” – while lying on a beach in Greece. It was truly a light bulb moment when they were unable to find a product to totally block light from their eyes – one that set them on a path to developing a worldwide patent-pending, registered design and trademark product that does just that.

“Occles are a totally unique product developed to protect the eyes from strong light when trying to get shut-eye on the red-eye or relaxing at your destination,” states Hugh Robertson. “They are a truly multi-use 21st century first-class sleep mask and a “disruptive product‟ in the field of eyewear, one that challenges the conventional ways of protecting the eyes from light.”

Occles are one-piece, flexible eyeshades that wrap around the head and block 100% of the sun’s harmful UV light to the eyes. They have a bridgeless, comfortable eye pad system for total comfort. The totally opaque lenses ensure that no light transmission disturbs the wearer whether they are worn during travels or on the beach.

For more information log on to www.occles.co, or contact Hugh Robertson at +44 77 6883 8488; hugh@occles.co.