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Safe Sleeve

SafeSleeve, LLC was founded in 2011 by two engineering students wanting to develop a mobile device case that would simplify, protect, and enhance the lives of their tech-dependent peers, family and friends. The result is a sleek and stylish laptop sleeve that enhances a computer's mobility and usability while also addressing the possible dangers of harmful EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation linked to laptop usage.

The Original SafeSleeve Laptop Sleeve protects a laptop from the usual transport-induced bumps and bruises, but it also shields the user's body from potentially harmful radiation by creating an EMF barrier between the user and the computer. Using the SafeSleeve as a lap desk, with the computer on top, allows the special shielding material within SafeSleeve to greatly reduce radiation and heat levels for the user. SafeSleeve can also be used as a desktop mouse pad, if it's not being deployed in your lap.

For more information, log on to, or contact Alaey Kumar at 858-609-9707;

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