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Mighty Bright/Gold Crest LLC

In 1985, Mighty Bright created a new product segment when it launched its original incandescent Classic Book Light — the first portable clip-on light. Since then, Mighty Bright has become a leader in innovative lighting and sight-enhancement products, including travel-friendly book lights, craft lights, music lights, magnifiers, book holders, micro-lights and other reading accessories.

Mighty Bright's current lineup includes energy-efficient, eco-friendly lighting devices that provide longer battery life and lighter weight than their incandescent counterparts. As an innovator in the area of personal lighting, Mighty Bright has introduced several models that incorporate the latest in low-energy, high-output LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology. "Over the years, as the marketplace and lighting technologies have changed, one thing has not," says Gary Coon of Mighty Bright, "and that is Mighty Bright's unyielding commitment to the highest quality products and unsurpassed customer service."

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