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CH Marketing

Established four years ago, CH Marketing specializes in the introduction and distribution of products to the North American accessories market. Current exclusive distribution includes Ogon Designs from Paris, Cavius personal alarms from New Zealand, and plans to introduce new products in 2010. CH Marketing works with a wide variety of buyers and store types, priding itself on representing quality items and providing excellent customer service.

CH Marketing aims to create a bridge between manufacturers and retail stores, especially for international customers, with clients from three different countries and an office that’s conversant in five different languages to help their international companies work in the North American market. "We handle a wide range of logistics for the manufacturer, including sales and distribution," states Michael Hubacher. "Our relationship with customers, sales teams and our diverse trade show schedule provides our clients with the exposure they want for their products."

For more information, log on to or contact Michael Hubacher at: 212-243-9343;

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