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Airbak Technologies Corp.

AirBak's patented air bladder technology transfers a backpack's weight from the shoulders and spine to the wearer's lower back, which can support more weight more comfortably.

"Our patented air technology is a breakthrough in both function and durability so the user feels like they're carrying half the weight," says Joe Speyer. "Whether it's a hiker, a college-bound high-school senior, a nine-to-five commuter, a fourth grader, or just someone who needs to carry a bunch of stuff from one place to another, we've got them covered. Or rather, we've got their back covered in comfort and style."

Airbak Technologies believes its commitment to innovation, creativity, and attention to comfort means no other backpack on the market compares to the Airpak in comfort when it is worn properly.

For more information, log on to, or contact Joe Speyer at 914-525-3156;

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