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(Princeton, New Jersey) The upcoming International Travel Goods Show is the world’s biggest gathering of travel goods retailers, manufacturers and distributors, who will be seeing the world’s largest display of new, debut travel items and mobility lifestyle solutions. Catch a preview of what’s ahead, in the Show Issue of Travel Goods Showcase:

  • NEW PRODUCT PREVIEW – A peek at new travel solutions that will debut at The Show, including proximity-enabled security devices, suitcases that interact with smart phones to ward against theft and loss, everyday bags that support mobile electronics, packing aids and other future best sellers.
  • NEW EXHIBITORS, SNEAK PEAK – A glimpse of the new companies that are entering the travel goods segment, bringing a fresh perspective to travel problems and the products that solve them. From better bags to in-flight comfort enhancement, smarter security and greater on-the-go connectivity, these are the companies that will have an impact on everyday travel and lengthy journeys alike.
  • SHOW DIRECTORY – A listing of every company and critical contact who matters in travel goods, broken down by company names, brands and product categories. It’s the quintessential guidebook to the travel goods industry.
  • PRODUCTS AND TRAVEL NEWS – Ongoing product and travel trends that are changing people’s everyday outings, vacation time and business travel.

All items appearing in Travel Goods Showcase are brand new to these pages; most are just-ready-for-market, with almost zero previous consumer exposure. Look for the new issue of Travel Goods Showcase in your mailbox soon. Please contact Kate Ryan, kate@kateryanpr.com, with any inquiries concerning this issue or the Travel Goods Association.

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The Travel Goods Association is the world’s largest trade association for travel goods, representing manufacturers, distributors and retailers of luggage and travel products, casual bags, business cases and travel accessories which in 2015 was a $36.5 billion market in the U.S. alone. TGA sponsors The International Travel Goods Show, the world’s largest trade show devoted to travel products, and publishes Travel Goods Showcase, the voice of the travel goods industry.