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Cabeau, Inc.

mp_cabeau-evolutionCabeau, Inc.’s travel pillows and accessories improve the traveling experience by transforming coach class into a luxurious and restful experience. Their featured product, the Evolution Pillow, improves on the patented ergonomic design of its successful 2010 model (the Complete Support Travel Pillow) with seven unique improvements such as the use of a new high IQ dynamic density memory foam and a duplex slide-lock toggle to secure the pillow.

Cabeau’s growing line of children’s travel products includes the Evolution Micro Jr. Pillow — a miniature version of the Evolution Microbead — and Travel BlanKid®, a creative all-in-one that quickly converts into backpack, blanket, travel support pillow or plush animal travel companion.

Cabeau prides itself on the quality and functionality of its travel products. ‘It only takes one time using our products to understand why people are calling them the best in the world,’ states David Sternlight. ‘Cabeau is recognized by consumers and retail partners for exceptional customer service and careful attention to detail in both craftsmanship and business practices.’

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