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mp_bombataBombata Bags’ colorful collection of briefcases, laptop and tablet cases was inspired by a desire to infuse a so-called “serious” product with youthful fun. The result is a versatile collection that’s at home in a variety of stores, whether for its playfulness, style, functionality or prestige.

“Our collection is in continuous development to keep up with the ever-changing electronic market,” states designer Fabio Guidoni. “Our functional, fun and original cases offer a great quality-to-price ratio, listing the most prestigious boutiques and hi-end department stores amongst our clientele.”

The Bombata Collection fuses the designer’s technical expertise with his fashion sensibilities, and is aimed at “bringing the swag to boring bags.” The company is directly responsible for manufacturing and distributing, either directly or through international partners, to over 100 countries in over four continents.

For more information, log on to, or contact Fabio Guidoni at +39 33 8611 8738;